Brønden Living is a new Danish furniture brand, which was founded by architect and designer Astrid Brønden in November 2016. Astrid Brønden is designing multifunctional products with a focus on quality, esthetics and sustainability. Brønden Living’s products are designed with the compact living philosophy in mind. Therefore, things often have several features and clever storage solutions are incorporated in different product types.

The products also contribute aesthetically to the room both through the design and quality of the product. By choosing multifunctional solutions you can free up space in your home, which make the overall impression more manageable and quiet, so you can relax without distractions.

The products are produced in Europe by cabinetmakers and other artisans who are known for making handmade products of high quality. The materials that are used in the production are mainly solid FSC-certified wood, metal, organic Cotton and other organic or biodegradable materials, which, together with the craft provides a transparency and integrity to the product.

The company and its products are built around core values ​​that help us focus on the important things.


the best materials and the best craftmanship


works in every day life


feel joy by looking


minimal waste


facing each other and nature