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ArchiveShelf is a shelf with two fabric pockets for storage of magazines, headphones and other small items.


ArchiveShelf is a small wall shelf, with moving fabric pockets where you can store everything from envelopes and magazines to scarves and knitwear. ArchiveShelf allows you to archive your pursuits and small items in a functional and orderly manner. The design is a further development of ArchiveBench, which has the same design language and is also inspired by archive folders.

The product is made of solid oak and hand-woven organic cotton fabric, which comes in two colors: Black and Olive. The fabric is the same as used for ArchiveBench. The two products can therefore be used together, but are also beautiful in use separately.


If you have lost your mounting template, you can get one here. (Print on A3 paper)

Dimensions 40 × 20 × 24 cm

black, olive

1. Use the template to determine where your ArchiveShelf should hang and mark the 4 holes by puncturing the template with a pointed pencil. Make sure the template is leveled before making your markings.
2. Drill the 4 holes in the wall with a 5 mm drill.
3. Insert the 4 wall plugs in the holes. They should go all the way in and not stick out of the wall.
4. Screw the 4 screws into the holes with wall plugs. Do not screw the screws all the way in.
5. Use the hook brackets to mount the shelf brackets on the wall. Adjust the screws in the wall if the shelf brackets are hanging too loosely or if they can’t be clicked on.
6. Insert the 2 small dowels in the holes on top of the shelf brackets.
7. Insert the round sticks through the drawstrings in the fabric. Make sure that the round stick with holes is in one of the outer drawstrings.
8. Hang the fabric pockets on the shelf brackets by resting the round sticks on the shelf brackets. Make sure to place the round stick with holes on the front of the shelf brackets. Mount it on the 2 dowels.

For mounting you will need:
Spirit level
Pointed pencil
Drill with 5 mm drill bit
Torx bit T10
Possibly hammer for wall plugs


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