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The hanger bracket for the narrow hall.


The minimalistic design combined with quality materials brings simple elegance to your home.

The fitted leather straps on an oak list can be used to hang hangers and s-hooks. The long straps can also be used to hang scarves and the like directly through.

Hangers and hooks hang a few centimeters from the wall, which saves space in, for example, a narrow entrance hall or walk-in closet. The items hang in staggered layers so that they do not protrude too far into the room and you have an overview of your hanging items.

The lists are available in 2 different lengths: 90 cm with 6 straps and 60 cm with 4 straps. The lists can be mounted in succession of each other if one has a wide wall. The modules are designed to match our ShoeRack so they can hang over each other. The lists in ShoeRack have the same dimensions as in HangerStraps: D2 x H2.5 cm. The width of the leather straps is 2.5 cm and the length vary between 6.5 and 23 cm.

The product is made of untreated, solid, FSC-certified oak and leather. The natural materials will darken over time and get a nice patina. The leather is mounted on the oak list with brass screws. The list is also mounted with brass screws that are screwed all the way through leather, list and into the wall.

Hangers and hooks are not included.


60 cm, 90 cm

1. Start by marking up the wall where your holes should be. Use wooden list as a template by holding it up against the wall and inserting the screws or a pencil through the holes. Give the screws a light stroke with a hammer. Make sure to keep the list levelled as you mark up the holes. Remember which side of the list is facing up.
2. Drill the holes in the wall with a 5 mm drill bit and insert the wall plugs in the holes. They should go all the way in and not stick out of the wall.
3. Distribute the leather strips between the holes in the list. The order can be seen in the image on the cover or read here after. Lengths in cm from left to right: 24-13-35-13-46-24 for the wide list and 35-13-46-24 for the narrow list.
4. Fold the leather strips so that the neat side with the logo faces outwards and the two holes meet. The straps by the narrow holes are screwed into the list with the short screws using a hand screwdriver. The loops must face down.
5. Insert the long screws through the holes in each leather strap and through the wide holes in the list. Hold the list up against the wall as you mount it with the long screws into the holes in the wall with the hand screwdriver. You will get the best result if all the screws are turned with the notch horizontally. Do not over tighten the screws.

For mounting you will need:
Spirit level
Hammer or pencil
Drill with 5 mm drill bit
Flathead screwdriver 5


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