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Leather grip with a brass or steel detail for mounting on cabinet doors or drawers.


Leather grips can be used to give an old piece of furniture new life. You can also use the handles for various DIY projects or they can be mounted on cabinet doors and kitchen doors. The leather adds edge and personality to your décor.

Brønden Living’s leather grip is made of natural-colored quality leather that is bright at first, but becomes darker and more patented over time. They are fitted with a machine screw in either brass or stainless steel. The handles can be mounted on doors and drawer fronts in a 5 mm hole. The handles are available with different mounting screws depending on how thick your door is. On doors that are 9-24 mm a hidden mounting solution is used, so all you can see on the back of your door is a flat screw head. Measure the thickness of the element to which the handle is to be mounted and select the appropriate thickness from the menu.

Dimensions 2.5 × 5.5 cm
color screw

brass, steal

door thickness

5-8 mm, 9-11 mm, 12-15 mm, 16-19 mm, 20-24 mm

1. The leather grip must be mounted in a 5 mm wide hole (4 mm if you mount with washer and nut) in a door, drawer front or the like. If there is already a hole, it may need to be expanded and otherwise you mark up where your grip should be and drill the hole with a 5 mm drill bit.
2. Fold the leather strip so that the neat side with the logo faces outwards and the two holes meet. Insert the machine screw through the holes in the leather strip.
3a. Insert the screw sleeve into the hole from the back of the door. Hold onto the back with a screwdriver in the screw sleeve and tighten the machine screw from the front with another screwdriver.
3b. If you have a narrow door and therefore have a washer and nut instead of a screw sleeve, insert the machine screw through the door from the front, and then attach the washer and the nut from the back. Tighten the nut with a wrench.
4. Make sure the strap is facing down and the corners of the leather are aligned before tightening the screw fully. You will get the best result if the machine screw is turned with the notch horizontally.

For mounting you will need:
Flathead screwdriver 5, 2 pcs.
Possibly a drill with 5 or 4 mm drill bit
Possibly a ruler
Possibly a wrench for nutcrack


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