Magnetic hook from the LinoleumHook series.

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This LinoleumHook series magnetic hook can be used to hang things that you would do on a regular hook and to attach magnetic metal items. You can, for example, attach knives, kitchen equipment, tweezers, pens, lighters, etc. Only your imagination sets the limits, as long as there is magnetic metal, such as steel, in which you want to hang on the hook front.

MagneticHook is a handcrafted oak and linoleum hook. A colored linoleum disc is inserted into the solid oak hook and gives the hook a warm and soft surface. Under the linoleum disc is a powerful magnet. The hook is also available in a non-magnetic version or with a key piece. The entire range can be combined to create a tailor-made storage wall to fit your specific needs.

Linoleum is a natural and durable material, so the hook will not lose its color over time and any minor scratches will heal again. You can choose from 5 different colors of linoleum, which is selected from the Forbo Desktop furniture linoleum color catalog. The color will thus match other products such as kitchen doors you may have in the same colors, but subject to small nuances in Forbo’s own production.


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